Aegis in the Dark

maca komik

Alternate Names: Yami no Aegis, Aegis of Darkness
By: Nanatsuki Youichi & Fujiwara Yoshihide
Genre: Action, Mature, Mystery, Seinen
Description :
Karito Tate is a bodyguard who takes on various jobs to protect VIPs using martial arts, various firearms, or high-tech gadgets. He is not allowed to kill but only to protect with his right arm.

Plot :
Tate Karito is a freelance bodyguard and former operative of the National Police Agency's Special Assault Team, who's a bit of a Secret Keeper, and has a high-tech artificial metal arm that serves as his weapon of choice. With a shady past and a penchant for protecting anyone, so long as they solve his bosses' riddles and can pay his fee, Tate follows whatever path is laid before him.

Indonesian Languange
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