Detective Kindaichi


Alternated  Names: Detektif Kindaichi, Kindaichi Case Files, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo
Genre:  Drama,  Mystery , Psychological, Teens
Author : Yozaburo Kanari, Seimaru Amagi
Art: Fumiya Sato

Kindaichi (frequently with best-bud, Miyuki) travels to various places where a murder has taken place, typically involving ghosts, curses, myths and folklore of significant events from the distant past, and solves the mystery using ingenious deductions of curious clues and his cool magic. In 1995, this manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for shounen.

Indonesian Languange

File series 

Case series 

Special Case

Vampire Legend Murder Case (Legenda Vampir Pembunuh)
Case 1       Case 2    Case 3     Case 4   Case 5       Case 6    Case 7    Case 8

Short Case

Murderous Intent of Below Freezing 15 Degrees (Percobaan Pembunuhan Di Suhu Minus 15 Derajat)
Part 1        Part 2         Part 3

Who Killed the Goddess? (Siapa Pembunuh Sang Dewi?)
 Part 1      Part 2          Part 3

The Twin Murderer (Kasus Pembunuhan Kembar)
 Part 1      Part 2

The Murder in the Mirror Labyrinth (Pembunuhan di Labirin Rumah Cermin)
 Part 1      Part 2

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