Gundala The Son Of Lightning

Alternate name: Gundala Putra Petir
By Harya Suraminata Hasmi
Genre: Superhero

Sancaka was a scientist who invented an anti-lightning struck serum, finally cracking the formula the night of his girlfriend's birthday... which he forgot about in the midst of his work. She broke up with him, causing the heartbroken Sancaka to run off into the stormy night. He was struck by lightning, and elevated to "Lightning Land" where Kronz, the king of Lightning Land, adopted him as his commander and his son, renaming him Gundala, the son of lightning. Kronz subsequently commanded him to attack Cloud Land.

Indonesian Languange

Gundala Jatuh Cinta  Download
Bernafas Dalam Lumpur  Download
Gundala Cuci Nama  Download
Dr Jaka Dan Ki Wilawuk  Download

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